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At Flaunt Real Estate, we understand that buying or selling a home can be a daunting financial decision. However, our expert team can simplify the process for you, saving you time, money, and reducing stress. Trust us to guide you through every step of the way.

Seema Sahni

Hi! I am grateful for you taking the time to read about my abundant journey. 

At 22 I became a licensed Real Estate agent and joined Royal le page, by 24 I was a licensed Real Estate Broker running my own brokerage! 

I always knew I was not born to be average and my dreams were bigger than my fears. 

My real estate career has been enriching and rewarding and what I loved the most was the connections I made along the way. 

My trajectory on this path continued to rise as I added more gems to my crown.

I completed my practitioners course in Feng Shui so I could understand the flow of energy and it’s importance. This skill helped to enhance all spaces I listed/sold and brought prosperity to the professional and personal lives of all my clients. 

I then applied for certification as a colour specialist so I could further understand how to create colour palettes that would respond to the souls of the ones I was serving. This assisted with construction, new home builds and renovations. 

Finally, my passion to design led to adding another credential to my title and Interior design became an integral parallel pillar to my real estate business. Real estate excites my soul and interior design aligns to my purpose.. both businesses help serve my intention of bringing light and beauty to peoples lives. 

My expertise & skills have enhanced my entrepreneurial journey to serve those looking for a holistic experience. 

My grand vision for my business brand is to build a Real Estate platform of empowerment catering to all SHE’s on the globe seeking to connect to their inner power!

SHE is the key that unlocks the journey from house to home. 

This platform will offer training, coaching, & mentoring to all females who are seeking to start a career in Real Estate and connect to our vision of bringing equality, inclusion and diversity to the globe.

Through this empowerment our goal is to create a strong team of professional agents who are conducive to bringing ease into every client transaction by intentional service.

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